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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 76  Al Jazeera  March 18, 2019 2:32pm-3:01pm +03

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the decision. this time there are no gods or handcuffs this time iran won't be flying as a prisoner i'm going to. interview with arab. groups and. he doesn't quite believe it until the boarding pass is in his hands destination america. that's.
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it's autumn in canada and on the vancouver waterfront residence embrace the vivid change of season. this place was never in any resettlement plan and i'm surprised to be here. of the thirteen hundred men on nonis once tenacity and good luck has meant he's managed to buck the system. after a secretive application process emilio was granted protection in canada. this is where i now owe her an r. if i call it alpha house on menace through force of personality and a good command of english a mere. became a defacto leader. in canada is anonymity and
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a job at a local tourist attraction i was a man assigned and i had like one thousand five hundred people just running after me going up they sweating to know what's the news wanting to know when they get out of there wanted me to do stuff with it. being here all of a sudden he says like there's no really around nobody asking me anything. here but you'll like this one and i just want to civility. and your. life is different now. compared to a place that you basically couldn't call it life. basically nothing but now it's a no so called. you know my life here. you know i i just
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want to say when i came here i just felt. like. oh it's so good to see you and you know and curly's for him but. it's the first anniversary of the misa arrival in vancouver his remarkable luck in getting to canada is due to this unlikely group of people. and they're all members of a private sponsorship group an initiative where citizens provide money and support
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for refugees to resettle in canada naturally as we all expected it was a bit of an uphill battle. for the early stages but we're standing here today and. we've got one upstanding citizen of canada now one year later brought together by canadian astrology and couple wine and linda tyler the group raised almost thirty thousand dollars to bring you me from mannus and support his first year in canada rescue team and he rescued me from an island which so many governments and so many countries were not able to do so many system so many part and so many organizations so i appreciate it and thank you your. page also. it all started when amir met wang tireless daughter chelsea a melbourne based nurse who worked on mannus vaccinating asylum seekers. i tales.
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hi amy or how are you she was adamant quite honestly that we do something and yet we were we was somewhat. concerned that we could really achieve anything having not been through it before but we just said well we'll give it a go i think they're like ok a semi retired political consultant when tyler was undaunted by the complexities of refugee sponsorship and so this well connected group hit the phones lobbying politicians and officials to bring amir to canada oh well at her party right now it's almost inconceivable what these people could be treated the why that they have been treated certainly from the people who were part of al group when i heard that story felt that it was. i'm further noble that people could be kept by sickly as prisoners. yeah. and another one and we say every year
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there's. a muse getting on with the life that detention on menace interrupted. his vancouver community college or b.c.c. the first place that i started containing my education. does the judge have what the jury recommends and and their verdict no judges can make their own. decisions but i am planning to take things step by step i have been considering human rights law for psychology i just want to do
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everything at it one thing at a time to now. there's. while of me is says his conversion to christianity forced him to leave iran he now feels that religion is less important. today he makes a rare visit to a church to people from a muse sponsorship group members of the unitarian congregation hear. more of it out i like christianity it is something that i always was very interested since i was a very old kit. i would rather say i am not so much into any specific religion but you. this is your reason. for getting out of rounds and yes. how does that match up with. one of the thing that
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always got me in troll into trouble so. yeah i do still believe in it i. see it as something that gets me connected. and news new life looks comfortable bought a year after arriving in canada he knows happiness isn't guaranteed. you can be in there worth planes on this planet the worst one there and you can see like let's say an evil man it's like the worst place and make it a heaven for yourself and you can be in the best country on the planet and make it to hell for yourself.
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over the border in the land of the free around five hundred refugees from nonis and now rue have been resettled scattered across the us in cities like chicago often with minimal support. theses one of chicago's most multicultural neighborhoods and now living just around the corner is iran plenty of people. come over to basically. americans in india and. you can't consume it so is this different to what you expect it is totally different i guess it's her going to break a beautiful god to take place if i thought there were no trees pat found you
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know maybe. it's very different we don't wear a sari iran has a job at a workshop alongside several other form a man is to tiny's but unlike enron they don't want any contact with this trial eons or the media. it goes both way good and bad that i am free and someone interesting. i just wanted to beef up free and i think is going to be expected as a human being and. people have been welcoming and i'm loved. so it's. different if it's like a home. in a country with eleven million undocumented migrants where the president wants to build a wall to keep others out astrology is so cold but crisis and the government's hardline
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response have barely registered. but iran is finding many people interested in his story i'm really pleased to introduce you to a friend of ours who just arrived in may of two thousand and eighteen his name is in riyadh mohamed he's a refugee i thank you iran for coming to our class. i didn't expect anything like that from australia. because i have friends in australia they they wasted lives they're running around and they went to australia and they're going to ask for and they've got a car and you know it's they were telling me that all could come to this country they were respected as a human being and that's why i wanted to go to australia even when i was living. one of their customers have told me that i want to come back. but when i came to
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this country one of the custom of he said talk to welcome to america thank you and that's what i wanted to hear. but iran is haunted by the memory of six hundred men who were not so welcome here neither prison is really free i remain trapped on a distant pacific island. i'm here i'm free. i still have nightmares sometimes i'll just counseling and wired in america and as wander around my apartment. i call my friends name i'm not here there. and joined. in fighting when i.
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i started covering man i saw him more than three years ago and when i first met these men i wondered how their stories would in a never thought it would be here on the other side of the world in the suburbs of north america some people might think this is a pretty good outcome to what was a political and social problem and the other a straw you might forget these guys but i won't forget what australia did to them and i might not forgive either. can be lonely sometimes. it's just i feel like i'm still there and i hear these daily stuff it's just not any use just keep happening it's getting worse and worse
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. something that i will always remember it i will never be able to forget it stuff that happened to my friends that they were killed in front of me. this should have happened ever and i am sure it is going to be a day that he knew featured at a straight year will feel sorry about what they've done. a chance for a union after decades of separation caused by a war. one i want to join some others journey to reaganite with the son she lost more than sixty years ago in the korean war on al-jazeera.
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democratically elected president and held incommunicado since two thousand and
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thirteen events shrouded in secrecy so power change hands as the military seize control from its commander in chief for the first time al-jazeera reveals exclusively what happened behind closed doors directly from those who witnessed it firsthand more see the final hours. on al-jazeera. on sammy's a down in doha with a look at the headlines here in al-jazeera now changes will be made to new zealand's gun laws after fifty people were killed in shootings at two mosques in christ church prime minister just in the government's agreed to reforms but needs a few more days to work out the details. as the latest from christchurch. new
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zealand prime minister just confirming that the cabinet members meeting on monday for the first time since the attack in christchurch on friday have agreed to make changes to new zealand's gun control laws she also said that it was unanimous that there were no there was no opposition from cabinet members in that meeting but there were no details about exactly what changes to the laws will be made she said that the details she hopes will be announced to the public within the next week but we assume the main focus of those law changes will be the availability legally of semi automatic weapons in new zealand you can buy simu autumn automatic weapons with the right sort of licenses in this country we know that semiautomatic weapons were used by the main suspect brinton tyrant in the attack on friday but the police say that they were modified weapons that he was able to modify weapons to make them see me automatic by purchasing again legally. from
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a gun shop in new zealand so that may also become a focus of these little changes which we may find out more about within the next week new zealand's police commissioner has given details of the enormity of the investigation first's criminal investigation is the largest one ever undertaken by the new zealand police and terms of the number of investigators that we have conducting this investigation alongside a number of spanish. we have two hundred fifty detectives and specialists right across the country conducting this investigation and in fact it is an international investigation with jurisdictions right around the world assisting us
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with our police in australia have conducted raids and properties connected to the twenty eight year old who's been charged with murder after the mosque attacks. from sydney the two properties belong to members of brenton tyrant's family one his mother and the other his sister police say they took both his mother and sister to a safe place for their own protection earlier today on monday and said that their system them with their enquiries police were also at pains to make it clear that there were no impending threats that they were just looking for anything that could support the new new zealand police in their investigation so it seemed as though it was just an evidence gathering exercise looking for anything that could help the investigation into the christ church attack and now there isn't a lot that is known about brenton parents and his movements of the last few years
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these training government says that he's only spent forty five days here over the last three years he was most recently here for his sister's birthday about a year ago so it seems as though police are looking for any clues anything that could help them paint a more comprehensive picture of the alleged attacker the new york times is revealing more details about the killing of saadi journalist. and says the murder in the saudi consulate in istanbul last october was part of why the campaign authorized by crown prince mohammed bin. the report cites u.s. officials with access to classified intelligence documents. if you know his transport minister says there are clear similarities between the theo paean airlines plane crash and the lion air disaster in indonesia six months earlier both involve boeing seven three seven max eight aircraft there's been a mass funeral service for victims of last sunday's crash thousands of mourners led a procession through the capital at this hour before. the headlines it's head to
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head now stay with us here on al-jazeera. over the last four decades china's economic boom has lifted millions out of poverty . and set the country on a path to become the world's largest economy we observe an incredible rebalancing of the chinese economy at a faster pace than anyone else. but since president xi jinping came to power in twenty thirty critics say china has become even more all to critic. judy. he's tried to curb corruption but it's also cracked down on his rivals.
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and invested billions in a bigger stronger military. reflecting a more aggressive foreign policy to see if you will with as you go to include which we're going to be. at home up to a million muslim we girls are believed to be interned by the chinese authorities in so-called reeducation centers this appears to be the most intensive social reengineering effort after chinese state since the cultural revolution but my guest tonight disputes all this police china is a force for good in the world. i'm in the us and i've come here to the oxford union to go head to head with charles liu a chinese financier senior fellow at the peking university and an advisor to the chinese government i'll challenge him on china's human rights record and ask him is china's economic miracle sustainable and what on earth is going on with the weakness. tonight i'll also be joined by three experts steve tsang director of the
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china institute at the school of oriental and african studies in london andrus folder a china expert at the university of la to goodness. asia research institute and victor gao vice president of the center for china and globalization in beijing and a former interpreter for the late president deng xiaoping. ladies and gentlemen please welcome charles liu. you is the founder and chairman of investment company haue capital and the regular t.v. commentator on chinese issues. charles lou thanks for joining me on head to head chinese president xi jinping whose government you've advised said last year china is ready for a bloody battle against our enemies and kicked off twenty nine thousand by ordering
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the people's liberation army to quote prepare for a comprehensive military struggle with who charles. there's only one country that is sending warships into chinese territory that is threatening china with all kinds of things the united states. whenever i hear president from speak he says how much he loves president xi and how the great powers but everything that he's doing all the executive orders the biliteral all of this is focused on challenging china's position in the world china has one military outposts. u.s. has eight hundred it's interesting because you say the u.s. is a threat and threatening china and china is really too funny because the u.s. commander on the ground in the asia pacific admiral full davidson in february told the u.s. senate the exact opposite he says through fear and economic pressure beijing is working to expand its form of ideology in order to bend break and replace the
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existing rules based international order who's with fleecing rules of international order whose cracking down on the booty oh who's left of paris climate agreement who's challenging. him and that's reached with the iranians who. it's not china i mean you could make it all about america but i'm not here to defend trump's america but the reality is that chinese hawks independently of the u.s. are on the ascendant in your country on twentieth of december chinese rear admiral little un said the chinese navy should consider sinking two u.s. aircraft carriers and killing ten thousand u.s. service personnel what do united states fears the most is taking casualties we'll see how frightened america is. i don't take these these these type of comments serious the chance of a war between the two sides is minimal last year the chinese government announced its biggest increase in military spending for three years even though you already
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have a defense budget which is bigger than the u.k. france south korea and russia combined and yet you announce the biggest increase for three years this is not just about words. when the u.s. still continues to challenge as they do to intervene china's territorial waters however you look at it the total amount of it is still insignificant compared to us but you spend all of their duke a frog's of russia combined three nuclear powers the three nuclear powers in terms of population to how many what's a population got to do with your military you have a big population we know that what's that got to do with capital spending india has a huge population they spend a quarter of what you said they wish they had the money to spend more. talk about something doesn't directly involve the united states the south china sea arbitration the permanent court of arbitration at the hague ruled in twenty sixteen chinese claims to the south china sea have no legal basis and yet the chinese
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continue to disregard that ruling china is claiming more and more more more resources building more and more of these artificial islands i think seven so far malaysia vietnam in the news you're brunei in the philippines they've all been upset with chinese behavior in the south china sea with china taking these reefs all the disk. china sea has been so-called freedom of navigation when was the last time you have seen a blockage of freedom of navigation and when was the last time you heard the countries even named including vietnam reason issue on china and south china sea it's only your friends americans and those trillions who are jumping up and down are all over those it's interesting because in twenty eighteen a bunch of asian countries mainly your neighbors were asked would it be better to have for the world to have the u.s. what china is the leading global power seventy three percent of asian respondents including japan south korea the philippines indonesia favored the us versus twelve percent for china even with trump as president seventy seven percent of filipinos
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say they prefer the u.s. leading the world to beijing that's pretty damning to pick trump over china that's pretty damning i would. say that is. but in practical terms i don't see these countries in terms of their foreign policy in their government. addressing the chinese as a pure paul. would seem to indicate let's bring in our panel here to see what they think about this so far and dress fuller is a german academic a china expert at the university of nottingham asia research institute and should china's neighbors and the wider world be worried about this chinese military build up this increase in spending you know i think they should and the truth of the matter is when talks about china's national rejuvenation. it is worrisome because of the underlying tenets of radical revisionist an expansionist foreign policy as evident from the artificial reefs in the south china sea but also
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his threat of the next thing taiwan which is a liberal democracy a very vibrant society just. opposite the coast of mainland china and what i think his game plan is to project his power abroad to shore up his support at home charles just deal with a specific point about taiwan you were born in taiwan of course if you still lived in taipei today and the taiwanese couple we should be worried some of the rhetoric coming out of beijing about and i wouldn't be at all well nothing is i actually went to you to worry you know i went to taipei for the midterm elections when i see in taipei or in taiwan today is the people in taiwan have fed up with.

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